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Middle Class Mayhem with Megan Nicol Reed

Friday 26th May 2023
Woodlands, Ashley Clinton

Families, friends, a tight knit community and a shocking revelation, all exposed with wry wit in a debut novel

by one of Aotearoa’s top columnists.

Megan Reed Nicol's debut book, One of Those Mothers, explores what happens when a community is faced with a shocking revelation, and what happens to friendships along the way. Nominated three times for columnist of the year, her witty words never shied away from taking a dig at the middle classes.  We are delighted to be able to have Megan at our festival so soon after the release of her book.    

Megan will be interviewed by Between the Lines co-founder Anna Locker Lampson in the glorious Woodlands homestead.

What a treat!

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